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Celtec is a building engineering company. A reliable business partner to help you realize your construction project.

Selecting the right professionals is crucial for the success of a construction project. The client must check the technical competences of the engineers, the experiences, aptitudes, capacity, creativity and vision of the consulting firm.

David Sasportas, ing.

Mr David Sasportas is an electrical engineer with BScA degree from Concordia University in 1984 and a Certificate of building electricity from Polytechnic in 2004. Since 1998 Mr. Sasportas has worked as a consulting electrical engineer. He has done numerous electrical projects in commercial building, condos constructions, hospitals, business and factories.

He has a solid experience in building electricity, energy efficiency and projects management. His expertise includes turnkey building projects; integrating architecture, structure, electricity and mechanics and surveillance.

Gabriel Chétrit, ing.

Mr. Gabriel Chétrit, senior mechanical engineer with building’s HVAC, plumbing, air quality, energy savings. He has done numerous ventilation, air conditioning, air quality, refrigeration and energy savings projects.

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