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Preliminary studies, feasibility steady and special technical studies;

• Plans and specs for building’s mechanics and electricity ;

Residential, commercial and industrial projects for new or renovations building,

including  plumbing, heat, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, lighting, telecoms and fire protection.

• Mechanical and electrical engineering services; for commercial kitchens, laboratories, swimming pool, industrial process, compressed air, natural gas, water tower, freezing water, steam, etc..

• Commercial refrigeration for industrial process and arenas.

• Humidification, dehumidification, clean rooms.

• Hi efficiency filtration for clean rooms and operating rooms.

• Automation controls and centralized alarms, DDC controls and pneumatic for buildings.

• Expertise in air quality and energy savings.

• Project surveillance including; Electricity, Ventilation, Plumbing, Heat, Refrigeration, Fire protection, Sprinklers, Air quality and Energy savings.


CELTEC and GTM EXPERTS-CONSEILS are the business partners that can help you reach your construction goals. A building engineering consulting firm, which offers personalized services to its customers. A warranty of efficiency and money savings for your construction projects.

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